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Oarsman BlueprintTM

A Blueprint For Your Goals

Oarsman BlueprintTM is an investment platform for individuals who are in the earlier stages of building their investment net worth, or for clients looking for additional diversification. Portfolios are constructed using low-cost exchange traded funds and select mutual funds.

An Investment Plan Customized for You

Blueprint portfolios feature strategic investments across asset classes, industry sectors and geographies to best maximize returns for the risk level you are assuming. Portfolios are model-based and range from a low volatility, conservative plans to more aggressive approaches. We work with each client to understand their needs and identify a Blueprint portfolio structure that meets those goals.

Periodic Rebalancing Keeping You On Track

Each portfolio is monitored and regularly rebalanced so that it remains aligned with your recommended plan. Tactical changes are made alongside Oarsman Capital’s Investment Committee recommendations.

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