Customized Portfolio Management

For accounts over $500,000.  (if you have less than $500,000 of investable assets, click here for Oarsman Blueprint, our investment platform for emerging wealth.)

At Oarsman Capital, we believe an essential element of investment success is understanding each client’s unique circumstances. At the outset of each relationship, we take particular care in helping our client articulate his or her investment objectives, preferences and constraints. Armed with that understanding, we then construct an investment portfolio tailored to meet the client’s needs through a wide range of economic and market environments.

Investment Guidelines

Each Oarsman Capital portfolio is customized to reflect the client’s unique investment objectives, preferences and constraints. A proprietary approach to planning helps our clients find an optimal asset allocation.

Core Approach

The core equity portfolio typically holds between 40 and 50 individual common stocks. We enhance the performance potential of the overall portfolio by adding complementary investments, such as international, small-cap and emerging market ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Balanced portfolios hold a similar number of stocks coupled with ETFs, plus income producing bonds or bond funds.  For a smaller portion (up to 15% of the total portfolio) of the portfolio, we will also add hybrid securities such as high-yield bonds, inflation protecting bonds, REITs and natural resource funds.

Know What You Own

Ownership of individual securities means always knowing what you own. It also allows Oarsman portfolios to accommodate individual client preferences to include or exclude securities of a specific issuer or industry.

Tax Efficiency

Securities are generally purchased with a long-term perspective. Annual portfolio turnover averages less than 25%, and extra care is taken to match realized gains with losses when available, helping to enhance tax efficiency.

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